About TurfClean

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We have always taken great pride in our attention to detail and our commitment to our values is helping us to continue to grow. 
In the early ’90s, our founders entered the turf industry hoping to become one of the highest-rated and largest turf installers in California. Along the way, they noticed a glaring problem in the turf industry; the market is saturated with turf installation companies but no one to service, maintain or repair the turf once it is installed. Our founders took their experience from install and created TurfClean, which is the only full-service artificial turf maintenance company in the nation. 
As the TurfClean family continues to grow, so does our service area. We are currently servicing Southern California and are continuing to grow into the industry standard for all things turf! Welcome to the TurfClean family!

Industry Experts

TurfClean primarily focuses on the residential industry and has worked with many of 
the big contractors in Orange County, Los Angeles & Ventura County.

Free Friendly Estimates

Our technicians have over 6 years of experience in the turf field. Our in-depth knowledge and our consultant-based approach to estimates are what set our consultations apart from others.

Professional Replacement

Each technician is handpicked for their high level of attention to detail, which means our team is made up of the best. This makes sure each turf service appointment is 100% successful.

Competitive Pricing

We guarantee to match any price from a certified maintenance or installation company. Call us today for more information.

Certified Experience

TurfClean is proud to offer our industry-leading service to help you maintain your warranty. Contact us for all of your artificial turf cleaning, maintenance, repair, and replacement needs.

Quality Guaranteed

TurfClean is dedicated to providing the best possible complete artificial turf solutions for families throughout the Orange County, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, San Diego areas, and everywhere in between year-round.

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