Eliminate Harmful Bacteria


Artificial Turf Sports Fields

The spread of infections, such as MRSA and STAPH, have been linked to what's growing within artificial turf fields.

Participants on artificial turf sports fields leave behind an abundance of body fluids, including blood and sweat, in addition to other contaminants such as bird droppings and animal deposits. 

None of these fluids and contaminants have any place to go and need to be dealt with through regular artificial turf cleaning and eliminating bacteria is required to have a healthy playing surface. 

TURFCLEAN's Own Biodegradable Enzyme Formula

will quickly breakdown the proteins and other contaminants with its 7 strains of Microbes and Billions of Enzymes.

Our Enzyme Formulation will come with detailed instructions on how best to apply the product to your artificial turf sports field. How this product is applied is an important component to maximizing its effectiveness.

Ensure your Artificial Turf playing surface is safe, clean and healthy.

For more information, contact us at info.turfclean@gmail.com or 858.401.7445.

Eliminating Bacteria in Artificial Turf