Science Backed Cleaning Products

BriteTurf Inc. has combined the benefits of a group of spore forming bacteria to give you the newest and most effective microbial technology available today.

This blend of safe, naturally-occurring bacteria makes a much wider variety of organic substrates available for microbial degradation than previously available in 3, 4, & 5 strain dilutable products. All of our spore forming microorganisms are excellent urine and waste degraders and offer a plethora of benefits to commercial products and the difficult applications that they address. The combination of BriteTurf’s unique grouping of microorganisms provides excellent performance in use.

Three strains are excellent enzyme producers for a wide variety of wastes, two other strains are excellent bio-surfactant producers, while two unique Bacillus strains provide particularly good performance on very difficult wastes that other commercial spore- forming based products are unable to achieve.

This synergistic innovation allows BriteTurf to produce a state-of-the-art biological product series based on this technical achievement. All cells used in BriteTurf’s products are Bio-safety Level 1 organisms, non pathogenic to humans, animals and fish.

  • All Strains are Bio-safety Level 1 classified organisms.
  • All TurfClean biological products are Laboratory Certified Salmonella Free.
  • Our biological products are grown via Aseptic Fermentation.
  • Innovation, Quality, & Performance = 5th Generation Microbial Technology 

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