Process - Football Field Cleaning in San Diego

TURFCLEAN's Multi-Step Process

TURFCLEAN’s artificial turf cleaning services renew, revitalize and measure the hardness of your field. 

• Decrease compaction

     Our state-of-the-art turf cleaning machine 

     penetrates the playing surface to loosen and level 

     the infill. Thereby decreasing compaction in the 

     process while increasing the surface drainage 


• Rotary brush vacuuming

     Loosens dirt and dust particles that have attached

     themselves to the fiber and infill. These are then

     captured by the vacuum and passed through a

     filtration system, as are other items including

     athletic equipment debris, leaves, lint, hair, etc. 

     The infill is then returned to the base of the fibers

     where it is designed to be.

• Grooming

     Specially-designed brushes are pulled across the

     surface, lifting the fibers into a more upright

     orientation, which maximizes fiber lifespan and

     enhancing the field’s overall appearance.


Metal removal

     A powerful magnet is attached to our equipment

     to remove ferrous metal objects from the field,

     such as hairpins, bolts, nails, nuts and cleats, that

     can become dangerous hazards for players.

• GMax testing to measure surface hardness

     Using the Clegg Impact Tester (same device used

     by the NFL), a 10-point field surface hardness test

     is completed.

• Infill measurement 

     The level of infill is measured to report on its

     distribution working towards an optimal playing 


• Service Documentation

     Complete field cleaning service and testing report,

     along with before and after pictures. This report

     will form the basis of your “Best Practices”

     documentation detailing what care and

     maintenance has been done on your artificial turf

     sports field to ensure that the safest and

     healthiest playing surface is being made available

     to the students and athletes using the field.

• Eliminating Bacteria

    Application of TURFCLEAN's bio-degradable enzyme
    formulation will quickly breakdown the proteins and
    other contaminants with its 7 strains of Microbes
    and Billions of Enzymes.  

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