What We Repair

Overtime, artificial turf gets damaged for a multitude of reasons but don't worry! BriteTurf can fix any damage or nagging issue. Below are a few of the most common issues we fix on a daily basis.

Low Spots

We lift and refill and compact sections of base that may have subsided over time.

Melted Turf

Whether it be a large melted section from window reflection or a single burned spot, we use industry-leading radio wave technology to reattach new turf. BriteTurf can repair the melted turf spots either with turf supplied by the client or matching turf supplied by BriteTurf at an additional cost.


If your turf was not anchored or stretched properly during install, BriteTurf can stretch and flatten ripples that have appeared.

Seam Separation

A seam will separate overtime if it isn’t anchored down properly. We can lift the seam, and firmly anchor it to get rid of the gap between the two sections.

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