Sanitize & Deep Clean


The start of every clean begins with our technicians removing all large debris on the surface of your turf such as leaves, seedlings, and branches to prep your turf for deep debris removal.

Bacteria Extraction

TurfClean is the only company in the nation that utilizes portable extractors to fully sanitize your yard. Not only do we kill the bacteria sitting in your turf but we remove it as well. This ensures you have a safe and clean yard.

Urine Crystal Breakdown

When urine dries it forms crystals. The smell comes from the urine crystals getting warmed up through the sun and off-gassing. This is the reason why most yards will start to smell worse in the summer months when it is the hottest. There are oxygen-based and enzyme-based cleaning products available for urine crystal breakdown and odor removal. After years of research and development, we have created our own pet odor eliminator that utilizes seven different strands of billions of enzymes and has proven to be the most effective pet odor eliminator on the market while also being kid and pet-safe.


We will thoroughly inspect your yard once we are done making sure there aren’t any areas we missed.

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